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Conflict Resolution and Prevention Services

Although Neutral Ground Mediation Services has a focus on Elder Mediation, I am a broad-service provider, based on years of varied experience.  In particular, many seemingly "factual" conflict situations have an unacknowledged emotional component that needs to be addressed.  Surfacing and having participants deal with those issues is one of the most satisfying outcomes in mediation.  Broad areas of my expertise are described below.  Contact me at the toll-free number above if you need more information.

Neutral Ground Mediation Services in Portland, Oregon offers conflict resolution services for the elderly, their families, and for those working with them.  Issues may include living arrangements, health and caregiving, financial situation and management, need for guardian or conservator, estate and probate matters, and the elder's social life and spiritual needs.  Mediation is often indicated when there are family disagreements on some or all of these issues, between the elder and their adult children or among the siblings.

Many issues with elderly parents result when there has been a medical emergency and various family members gather to deal with this new situation.  Although many people aren’t comfortable with end-of-life issues, it can be very helpful for a family to put together a plan in advance for various medical, financial, and caregiving situations that may unfold in the last several years of life—to allow for the highest quality of life possible for everyone in a family.  If you are over 50 years of age, you might want to start creating a plan with your parents or other aging loved ones that can be modified through the years as needed. 

Sometimes professionals working with elders run into conflict situations that prevent good decision-making.  This can include with family members, staff of senior living facilities, care providers and companies, medical providers of various kinds, legal representatives, and others.  Although many of these professionals are well-trained in dealing with conflicts, in very few situations are they able to be—and be perceived as—neutral parties.  If you think a planning meeting or mediation with a neutral might be helpful for one of your clients/residents, please call me at the toll-free number above for a confidential discussion.  You might want to request one or both of the following documents by email (hollyw25@comcast.net) to help organize your thinking around the situation:

"Elder Mediation Referral Form," to clarify participants, issues, timing, and legal status of situation. 

• "A Strategic Approach to Conflict Prevention and Resolution at Senior Residences,” covering from before move-in through on-call 
   advice for specific situations.


Although my focus for the past several years has been elder mediation, in over 20 years, I have mediated a broad range of cases:  neighbor-to-neighbor, services and product disputes, foreclosure avoidance, small claims, conservator/guardianship for elders and persons with disabilities, contested wills, and more.  Don’t hesitate to contact me if any of these “normal life” issues are part of your situation.

Call me at the toll-free number above to find out if any of these powerful tools are needed for your situation.