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The Power of the Neutral in Conflict Resolution

Improving Communication

The key to a productive mediation seems to lie in having a neutral person as part of the process.  Participants have less need to "act out" once they realize they will truly be listened to—perhaps for the first time in years.  The mediator helps parties find common ground and common solutions—concerning specific issues—through mediation sessions (conflict resolution) and, for "aging families," family planning meetings (conflict prevention). The steps involved in either type session include:


• Setting a Safe Environment for Sharing     
• Clearing up Misunderstandings

• Coming up with Own Solutions    

• Clarifying the Issues to be Discussed

• Reaching Mutual Agreements



Improving Relationships
Improving communication often positively transforms future relationships in ongoing relationships. Mediation may not be a substitute for legal, tax, and estate planning services. However, it will greatly improve the conditions for legal processes by: 

• Opening Lines of Communication Severed by Misunderstandings, Hurt Feelings, or Distance

• Taking into Account Both Legal/Monetary and Emotional Concerns

• Focusing on Situation-Specific Issues Rather Than Long-Lasting Interpersonal Conflicts

• Helping Participants Record and Carry out Agreements

• Empowering All Involved by Ensuring Everyone is Heard

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