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How Does Mediation Work...and Why?

Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party helps two or more people see if they can reach a voluntary settlement of their differences.  The purpose of mediation is not to establish fault in past events, but to look to the future by giving people an opportunity to clear up misunderstandings, find areas of agreement, and come up with solutions of their own design.

Mediated agreements have a high rate of voluntary compliance because decisions are not imposed by an outside authority.  Participants need agree to do only what they are willing to do.  In many cases the mediation process positively transforms peoples' future relationships with one another.

Why Try Mediation? Call me if...

• Decision-making in an "aging family" is creating conflict
• Conflict is ruining relationships
• Life with family or housemates isn't going smoothly
• There are problems in the neighborhood
• You are dissatified with a company's services
• You would like to learn new communication tools to improve relationships

When to Try Mediation?

Whether a situation is already in the court system or not, mediation can play an important part in dealing with conflict.  Its strengths lie in helping create clarity in both the issues and the relationships.  Mediators  say, "It's never too late for mediation, but the earlier the better."

Call or email today to find out for free if this powerful tool is what's needed for your conflict situation.

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